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Welcome to Furry Friends Inc. Doggie Daycare & Spaw!

We are open for business with Covid protocols in place. All services are available, daycare, grooming, and owner Dawn offers in home cage free boarding for small dogs only that come regularly for daycare. We have excellent social distancing protocols in place, please remember to text 289-828-1367 when you arrive and wait for a reply, always wear a mask, keep your distance and use the hand sanitizer provided.

Everyone should like and follow us on Facebook & Instagram @furryfriendsinc as we post photos, videos and updates daily! We post holiday hours/days closed over the Christmas holidays and snow closures for inclement weather.

Thanks to all our loyal, supportive fans for again voting us best daycare, boarding and grooming in Burlington! 2021 Diamond & Platinum Readers Choice Award Winning Pet Care! We have the best staff who are truly devoted to giving your pup the best care ever. We strive to provide a home away from home with a safe, secure, fun-filled experience for all our fabulous furfriends. We love what we do and are thankful each and every day. Thank you as always for your continued support in these trying times, from all of us here at Furry Friends Inc. 🤗

Hours of Operation: We are open Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm, closed weekends and holidays!

Safety is our top priority, we have implemented many social distancing protocols to protect everyone who comes to our establishment. We offer porchside drop off and pickup, please remember to text 289-828-1367 when you arrive and wait for response before coming up to drop off/pick up your pup. You can then unleash your dog in the safety of the porch where we will then get your dog into the house. Please remove everything collars, harnesses, leashes and remember to bring back for pickup. Please visit us on Facebook where we have videos posted with the proper procedures to follow. Masks are essential to everyone's health and wellbeing so please wear one while dropping off and picking up your dog, thank you!

At Furry Friends Inc. Doggie Daycare & Spaw, we do more than provide pet care - we care about your pet just as we care about our own. Not only are we animal lovers, but we also have the experience to provide the highest quality of services. Established in 2003 we are Burlington's best place to bring your pup to play, we've won best daycare & boarding for many years running. Please read our reviews and recommendations on our Google and Facebook listing and see why we are number one. 

We offer dog daycare for dogs of all shapes and sizes and breeds. The dogs are separated by size and temperament, spacious climate controlled rooms to play indoors, huge fully fenced outdoor play areas to play all day and socialize with their new friends.

If you are interested in enrolling your dog in our daycare please email me your pups vaccinations to furryfriendsdoggiedaycare@gmail.com. We require Bordetella, DHPP, Rabies and everyone must be spayed/neutered once they turn eight months of age. From May to Nov we require some form of flea/tick prevention as well. There is a form to fill out and then we will decide on an assessment day, We have your pup come for an 8am assessment appointment, you would leave your dog with us for at least half a day (<5hrs) cost is $30, tax in. We need some time to get to know your dogs personality, how they interact with other dogs and relate to our fabulous staff. You will be updated via text about their progress with pictures a few hours after they arrive. Once your dog has completed their assessment day then you would just text in to reserve your daycare space.

Please like and follow us on FB & IG @furryfriendsinc. There are tons of pictures on our social media sites, please take a look you'll get a good idea of what we do here all day. Feel free to call anytime, we are happy to answer any questions.


About Us

Exceptional pet care!

Furry Friends Inc. Doggie Daycare & Spaw was created for one single reason - to provide all pets and pet parents the services, care and support they need and deserve. Since being established in 2003, we’ve proudly served the Burlington area and continue to open our doors every day with a smiling team. We strive to offer the best possible care for your pet and offer safe, supervised, structured play. Please call 289-828-1367 to inquire about our services.


Furry Friends Inc. Doggie Daycare & Spaw Services

Put Your Pets First

With plenty of play spaces, rest areas and the freedom to romp and play, your four-legged friend will be straining at the leash to come to Furry Friends Inc. Doggie Daycare & Spaw. We offer playtime (less than 3 hrs), half day (less than 5 hours) and full day (over 5 hrs). We are open Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm, closed weekends and holidays. We always ask that you text/call/email in to reserve your pups spot for daycare, preferably with some notice, we need to ensure that we have enough staff on for the dogs that come. All daycare dogs are to arrive by 11am, this works best for the safety and welfare of all the dogs in our care. We do have a lunchtime feeding around noon everyday, if you would like your dog to have some lunch and a rest please bring their food in a labelled plastic container, we will return at pickup. Any questions or concerns feel free to send me a text at 289-828-1367.



Plenty of Love and Attention

Preferred methods of payment are Debit, Credit and E-transfer, we will no longer be accepting cash at this time, thank you.

Price list:

Pay As You Go

Tax Included

One Dog

Play < 3 Hours: $20.00

Half Day < 5 Hours: $30.00

Full Day > 5 Hours: $40.00

Two Dogs

Play < 3 Hours: $30.00

Half Day < 5 Hours: $45.00

Full Day > 5 Hours: $60.00

Weekly Rates Tax In

(To be paid on or before the first day, booked in and used in the same week Monday to Friday)

One Dog

2x Week: $70.00 ($35/day)

3x Week: $100.00 ($33/day)

5x Week: $150.00 ($30/day)

Two Dogs

2x Week: $110.00 ($55/day)

3x Week: $160.00 ($53/day)

5x Week: $250.00 ($50/day)

Package Rates

(Expires in one year)

One Dog

10 Half Days: $270.00 ($27/day)

20 Half Days: $510.00 ($25/day)

30 Half Days: $710.00 ($23/day)

10 Full Days: $360.00 ($36/day)

20 Full Days: $680.00 ($34/day)

30 Full Days: $980.00 ($32/day)

Two Dogs

10 Half Days: $405.00 ($40/day)

20 Half Days: $765.00 ($38/day)

30 Half Days: $1080.00 ($36/day)

10 Full Days: $540.00 ($54/day)

20 Full Days: $1020.00 ($51/day)

30 Full Days: $1440.00 ($48/day)



The Absolute Best for Your Pet. See us on FB @littlefurryfriends 

Owner Dawn offers in her home, cage free boarding exclusively for small dogs only that come regularly for daycare. Your dog's well-being is central to everything we do. We only board regular daycare dogs so you must first enroll your dog in our daycare. We are always cage free, your pup gets plenty of exercise and socialization at the daycare weekdays, and will board evenings and weekends in the comfort of my home with myself and my family. We do things this way so your dog is happy and comfortable and enjoys their time with us, unlike most kennels where they are caged 24/7 with little human comfort or exercise. I also offer weekend daycare for small dogs only that are regular daycare clients, please inquire.

Small Dog In Home Boarding

One dog for 24 hours - $60.00

One dog for one week - $360.00

Two dogs for 24 hours - $80.00

Two dogs for one week - $480.00

Discounts available for extended stays, please enquire.

Holidays are an extra $20.00 for weekend




Certified Professional Groomer

We a professional groomer available daily for Spaw services. Exceptional quality grooms at reasonable prices. 

Services Available

Nail Cutting: $10.00

Nails Cut & Ground: $15.00

De-matting: Price Varies

Prices vary for grooming services, depends on a number of factors, size, temperament and condition of the coat. Please text or email for a quote.

Bath Special includes a luxurious bath, dry, brush, ears clean, nails cut. 

Mini Groom includes the bath special as listed above as well as trimming of the pups face, feet and sanitary.

Full Groom includes the bath special listed above as well as a full body groom.

Add nail grinding to any of the above Spaw packages for an additional $5.00.

Please see all our photos on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Contact Us

Get in touch to find out more about our services.

955 Century Dr, Burlington, ON L7L 5J8, Canada

(289) 828-1367

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Hours of Operation

Come join the fun, safe, supervised, exceptional care.

Monday - Friday: 6am to 6pm,  closed weekends and holidays!
Preferred methods of payment are Debit, Credit and E-Transfer. We will no longer be accepting cash at this time.


Pea Gravel 

Furry Friends Inc. Doggie Daycare & Spaw uses a combination of mulch and pea stone in its outdoor play areas. Pea stones are small, round stones without sharp or rough edges. Pea stone is an excellent surface for dog play areas because it is easier on the dog's joints than concrete. Urine will sink through the stone to the ground underneath while fecal matter stays on top where it's easy to spot and clean up. This enables us to keep the outdoor area clean and free of waste, therefore your dog is not running and stepping in waste while playing.

The vast majority of dogs who come to Furry Friends Inc. have no issues running or playing on the pea stone. Some dogs have experienced some irritation, especially those who haven't built up tough pads due to their youth or lack of exposure to certain surfaces. While running and playing some of the pea stone will get between the paw pads causing redness, swelling and irritation. The dog then licks their paws to relieve the irritation, which in turn will exacerbate the soreness.

If you find that your dog has developed some irritation after a day at Furry Friends Inc. the best thing to do is clean their paws thoroughly several times with a wet cloth and then apply a triple antibiotic ointment with pain relief (Neosporin). Also using a tiny bit of Hydrogen Peroxide with a lot of water to wash their feet works the best, and also Benadryl will relieve the itchiness and need for licking. As always consult a veterinarian or please contact us here at Furry Friends Inc. with any questions or concerns.

Due to this unexpected condition in some dogs, we have covered the two large pens with more mulch, to help lessen the risk of irritation to the dogs. As a preventative measure applying a paw wax or balm to your dog's feet will provide a protective barrier to ensure your dog is not bothered by the stones.

The few dogs that have been affected by the pea gravel in the past ten years have returned to play and there has been no recurrence of the irritation.

Thank you, Furry Friends Inc.